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We offer three types of Security. All your documents are encrypted.

Privacy Statement for :

This Docsalerts privacy statement confirms our commitment to the privacy of our customers. This privacy policy defines and discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this website-

We collect your IP address to identify the real users and help diagnose problems with our servers, if there is any problem.

Docsalerts service registration form requires users to provide contact information, such as name and email address only for free users. Paid Subscribers need to provide their credit card information to the payment gateway only while paying for the service and this information is not collected and stored by the website. Once you register, you will be able to upload, store, download and share files with others. We use customer email addresses from the registration form to send the user confirmation of original purchase, confirmations of account renewals and upgrades, and to notify users when a file is accessed. We also use the email address associated with an account as part of the notification when an account holder opts for alerts and warranty reminders as requested by them in the website. Email is also the primary means of providing technical support, including account modifications. To opt-out of receiving emails please send mail to .

Docsalerts will NOT provide or sell user information or e-mail addresses to any third party. All information you submit to Docsalerts is considered private and is kept confidential.

Security :

This site has its own security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. All user files are encrypted in three different options. The user may select different type of encryption for different documents. All the documents uploaded are encrypted and safely stored on the Docsalerts server. The server has HTTPS ( SSL) and the files are transmitted through Internet.

Docsalerts does not disclose the details of hardware or software used, to protect its servers, customer files and information.

Encryption :

All the files are encrypted and stored. The users can select from any of the three encryption options.
1. Our own encryption and the key is only with us.
2. Your encryption key and this is stored on server.
3. Your encryption key and it is not stored on server.
Hence, If one opts for Option 3, he/she shall remember to keep that in a safe place as the document encrypted and stored can not be retrieved without this key and the file will be deemed inaccessible and the user may delete the same and upload again.